Blyth 14/19 Inc.

Blyth is a magical place

Blyth has a community spirit that touches those who live here, and moves those who come from afar. It inspires creativity. There is no place like it.

BlythMap_120kBlyth is a place filled with story-tellers, story-tellers who provide an essential connection to the work and character of this unique place. These stories, this art, reach far beyond our borders. They are profound. They are lasting.

The Blyth Festival has been producing the finest in new Canadian work for forty-one years.  Plays that have premiered in Blyth have traveled to every corner of Canada and have been translated into a dozen languages and have been seen in thirty countries around the world.

The paintings of George Agnew Reid, works that hang in the National Gallery, are paintings of the people and of the rural landscapes of the County.  Celebrated author and Nobel Laureate Alice Munro lives just down the road.  Her short stories are set in Huron County and are peopled with characters inspired by the community.

From the moment you enter the Village of Blyth you will be a part of the Creative Spirit. The new streetscape will immerse you in art and beauty on every corner.  There will be artists’ residences, performance and development spaces, a country inn and restaurants.

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